My name is Renate Paxton and I am the owner of  Let Us...

I have worked in the cleaning industry running up to 5 franchises for over 19 years . Over those years I have dealt with every aspect of domestic and commercial cleaning. After ending my job in October 2003 I decided to put my skills and knowledge to good use by starting my own business. Between October 2003 and March 2004 I managed to enjoy a lovely holiday abroad and take time to plan out my future business

The service I provide is tailored to suit today's busy lifestyle where work and family commitments leave little enough time for leisure after housework. We at  Let Us... are very aware of that and  make the process of employing a good cleaner painless. A simple phone call could be the start of more free time for you. Contact Let Us... today and I will  arrange a visit for a free quotation without any obligation. Between us we will discuss a cleaning schedule tailored to your specification and budget. This could mean this will be the last 10 minutes you would have to worry about cleaning your home. On acceptance we will provide a written confirmation of the agreed schedule and quotation, leaving you to sort access for Let Us... to your home and  this just leaves you with the "problem" of how to spend your free time!

I designed my first leaflet and arranged printing. These I delivered myself in several villages surrounding my home. This started paying off immediately and I am now looking for a professional distributor as my time is now spent looking after my clients. You may also find me in several parish and advertising magazines. From early next year you will see me in the new Yellow Pages. Although Let Us... has only been operating such a short time the expansion has been much quicker than I had hoped for (my business plan has been revised monthly since the start) and I have achieved a very satisfied client base. You will see some of their comments on our Feedback page.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the very near future.


   Renate Paxton